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MathWorks Resources for National DD-Robocon 2022

MathWorks, the makers of MATLAB and Simulink, are sponsors of National DD-Robocon 2022.

Request for the Access to the MathWorks Tools

Teams participating in National DD-Robocon 2022 can request the complimentary access to the tools by clicking on ‘Request Software’ button on the following page:

Getting Started Resources

Following are some resources that can help your team get started for the competition:

Modeling Physical Systems:

  1. Simulating Pneumatic Robot Actuators
  2. Simulating Robot Throwing Mechanisms
  3. Control Design for Robot Throwing Systems

Practical Approaches to Robot Perception: 

  1. Basic Operations on Images
  2. Image Segmentation and Analysis
  3. Feature Matching and Tracking

You can check out a lot more Student Tutorials and Videos.

Student Team Experiences 

Have Questions?

E-mail your queries/questions to

Autodesk DD ROBOCON 2022 Fusion Design Challenge

Autodesk is proud to announce and invite you and your colleagues to participate in Fusion Design Challenge. Here Design enthusiasts from all over India will come together to compete in the National challenge where they will have to design a robot/major parts of the Robot using the Fusion 360 software provided by Autodesk. Digital design submissions will be taken in via online mode. So come join us for a chance to win your part in a prize pool worth ₹80,000! along with internationally valued certificates and some exciting goodies from Autodesk.

  • Awards Best Fusion Design Award at Stage 1
  • Fusion Innovation Design Award at Stage 2 and support for Robot Fabrication
  • Fusion Impact Award – National Winner. All the winners will be announced in National Finals.

You can register at

To Submit your design directly for the Competition  please click on the link provided below:

If you have any questions or you would like to participate, please contact ramesh.pudale@autodesk .com by email. 

We look forward to submissions.