Stage-1 Submission

Stage-1 Result

DD National Robocon 2022 Stage-1 Result

Congratulations to the teams qualified for Stage-2 participation !

Template for DD-ROBOCON 2022 Solution Idea

As a part of Stage I, all teams need to submit the following online (Google Form) by the deadline specified on the website:

  1. “Solution Ideas (Form 1)” in the following format.
  2. A PDF file titled “Design Details Document team name” with a maximum of 5 pages (with Times Roman normal font size 12) to expand their points/claims given in the Solution Ideas (Form 1). The Images should be clear and readable.
  3. A link to the repository with the CAD models of the robots in STEP and STL format must be provided. If the files are uploaded on a cloud-based drive, no passwords/special permissions should be enabled. In such a case where passwords/special permissions are enabled on the drive link, the files won’t be evaluated.

The CAD models and PDF file link should be filled in “Solution Ideas (Form 1)”.

No changes in the CAD models will be allowed after the deadline.

Solution Ideas (Form 1)

  • University/Institute/College Name:
  • Team Name:
  • Team Leader:
  • Mobile number of the team leader:
  • E-mail address of the team leader:
  • LinkedIn Profile:
  • Transaction (registration fee) unique number:
I. Design of Seeker Robot 1 (Seeker R1) - (8 points)
  1. Overall dimensions (in mm) and estimated weight (in Kgs)  - (1 Point)
  2. Type of Drive (differential, three/four wheeled, etc.) - (2 Points)       
  3. Type of actuators integrated  - (1 Point)
  4. Type of sensors integrated - (1 Point)
  5. Ball receiving mechanism - (1 Point)
  6. Brief description of Lagori breaking (Seeker R1) - (2 Points)
II. Design of Seeker Robot 2 (Seeker R2) - (7 points)
  1. Overall dimensions (in mm) and estimated weight (in Kgs) - (1 Point)
  2. Type of Drive (differential, three/four wheeled, etc.) - (2 points)
  3. Type of actuators integrated  - (1 Point)
  4. Type of sensors integrated  - (1 Point)
  5. Piling up the Lagori disks - (2 points)
III. Design of Hitter Robots (Hitter R1 and Hitter R2) - (5 Points)
  1. Brief description of the mechanism of Hitter R1 of Hitting of Ball on Head (BOH) -   (4 Points)
  2. Ball picking and passing mechanism (Hitter R2) - (1 Point)

Submission of Entry for Stage-1

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The Solution Ideas (Form 1) is worth a maximum of 20 points.
  2. The Design Document should detail the ideas proposed in the Solution Ideas form. It should be a technical document that describes a proposed mechanism for achieving different tasks. The document should also include relevant calculations/justifications for the proposed mechanism and demonstrate a clear understanding of the task’s objectives. Design Document, along with the CAD models of the proposed mechanism, is worth a maximum of 80 points. The individual sections will be evaluated as follows:

 Note: Team will perform as Seeker (Red Team) in 1st Round and as Hitter (Blue Team) in the 2nd Round, or vice versa.

  1. For the shortlisted teams after Stage I, 1/3rd weightage of Stage I score and 2/3rd weightage of Stage II score will be used to select the teams for the final competition to be held at New Delhi which will be organized by IIT Delhi and Doordarshan (DD).

Registration Fee for DD-ROBOCON 2022

For DD Robocon 2022, a non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 2000/- per team is mandatory for consideration in Stage I. The fees must be paid by the Stage I registration deadline. The account details for payment of the fees are given below:

  • Account number: 50200046890495
  • Account type: Current Account
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000032
  • Name: DD Robocon
  • Branch: SDA, New Delhi

* Please include the institute/college and team leader’s name in the remarks section while completing the transaction.

* Attach a copy of the transaction receipt as payment proof while completing the Stage I registration form.