Stage-2 Submission

Guidelines for the Evaluation of DD-ROBOCON 2023 Stage 2

As a part of Stage II, all qualified teams from Stage I need to submit the following videos by the deadline specified on the website whilst adhering to the offline rulebook (link for submitting the videos will be shared soon):
For teams with both Rabbit Robot (RR) and Elephant Robot (ER):

  1. Ring Picking Mechanism (30 points): In this video (maximum 45 seconds excluding Measurement), the Rabbit Robot (RR) and Elephant Robot (ER) should be shown to pick at least 5 rings (one after other or together) from ring zone to throw to the different poles.
    Specifically, videos should demonstrate the following functionalities:
    (a) Movement of the Rabbit Robot (RR) from Start zone. (5)
    (b) Movement of the Elephant Robot (ER) from Start zone. (5)
    (c) Rabbit robot movement over bridge with slope as per rules. (5)
    (d) Ring Picking by both robots and Ring Passing Mechanism of ER to RR (10)
    (e) Jumping Mechanism of RR robot for 200mm height. (5)

    Note: In case of one robot, Movement {(a) and (c)}, Ring picking mechanism of RR and Jumping mechanism should be shown. (10+10+10)
  2. Ring Throwing Mechanism (70 points): In this video (maximum 60 seconds), the Elephant Robot (ER) and Rabbit Robot (RR) should throw rings (at least 22 rings) from their respective areas (Blue/Red area) at all the poles (All functions of throwing by one robot in case of team using single robot). The following aspects of the robot will be considered during evaluation:
    (a) Ring Throwing to Type-1 Pole. (10)
    (b) Ring Throwing to Type-2 Pole. (20)
    (c) Ring Throwing to Type-3 Pole. (20)
    (d) Ring Throwing to Type-1 (Opponent’s Pole) (20)

    Note:1 Measurement of distances should be clearly shown in the videos.
    Note:2 If the team has not included some mechanism as explained in Stage 1, design document then team score for that mechanism will be given as per score obtained in other mechanism.
Submission Details
For each mechanism, one separate video must be prepared. Additional instructions are given
below for all the videos that should be kept in mind while preparing the videos:
1. All the files should be uploaded to a single Google Drive folder which will be accessible
by the judges. Only the link should be submitted via a Google Form (to be released soon).

2. The combined size of all the files should not exceed 1 GB.
3. Robot functionality should be demonstrated in a single, continuous shot.
4. Use multiple cameras for better visualization with one camera showing the complete view.
5. Compliance with competition rules will be considered during evaluation.
6. All videos should be named as “Team Name demonstrated mechanism” to ensure
proper evaluation and be in the .mp4 or .avi format only.


Submission of Entry for Stage-2

Download Receipt of late fee

The account details for payment of the fees are given below:

  • Account number: 50100581989912
  • Account type: Saving Account
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000032
  • Branch: SDA, New Delhi

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Stage -2 Result DD-ROBOCON 2023

Stage 2 Result Out
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Extension deadline for Stage-2

(a) The deadline for DD-Robocon Stage-2 is 15th April 2023 (11:59 PM).
(b) With a late submission fee of Rs. 5000 + 18% GST), the deadline for DD-Robocon Stage-2 is 20th April 2023 (11:59 PM). Kindly attach a proof of payment.